Terms And Conditions


Sold item(s) are not exchangable or refundable.

The selling items is buy at your own risk.

Any delay/ early arrival of clothes will be inform from time to time.

No last minute cancellations of ANY clothes after order have been confirmed.

We will not be liable for any loss of goods during the delivery process.

Paid Cash/deposit are not refundable under any circumstances including such reasons as

(1) dislike the color;

(2) color differences;

(3) not as attractive as expected;

(4) too transparent;

(5) fabric too thin;

(6) size too big or too small;

(7) not comfortable.

(8) Any imperfection or minor stains (be it removable or not), imperfection in tailoring, man-made imperfections, buttons not well-secured, computer monitor display and actual fabric color differences

(9) color fading after washing (All new clothes should be hand-washed and thus, there shall not be any decolourisation occurs)

If you have any queries, kindly ask for more information.


The cloths may have slight differences in terms of color due to lighting in photography.

First come(paid) first serve basis.

Please understand that there’s No reservations available to avoid back-outs.

No back-outs Please!

Orders will only be taken after payment have been made.

Payment that takes more than 3 days, order will be auto-canceled.

Thank you Very Much for Following thus Rule of Thumb!